No Hau Studio combines the competences of an advertising agency and those of a branding studio. We specialize in service dedicated to companies which activities are based on business-to-bussiness (B2B) relations.

Is there a place for ideals of beauty and harmony in advertising and marketing? We strongly believe there is.
Only beauty and harmony, combined with logic and functionality, can create universal and effective statement; one that would stand out among the crowd of clamorous information and hastily composed visual stimuli.

Our mission isn’t hot air – we look for balance in everything we do. This singles us out and saves us from the temptation of blindly following the ephemeral trends. We’re always open to inspiration we look for in history, music, art and nature (the least likely – internet). We value the work of those who achieve their bussiness goals aware of social responsibility.
Our enthusiasm is genuine – we want to share it with everyone interested in collaborating with us.

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